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Beautiful and functional at 360 °! | Aussteller auf der spoga+gafa 2022

Beautiful and functional at 360 °!

von I.De.L. Srl
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The new PBack Box SWS 58 and 30 represent the perfect solution to fully enjoy the beauty of blooms on your all-round balconies!

Their particular design allows them to be positioned "astride" the parapet, thus eliminating the numerous structural and aesthetic problems created by classic iron supports such as rust, which deteriorates the structure by ruining the railing, and the impossibility of adjusting the support achieving the desired stability.

The SWS water reserve system allows for optimal drainage and, depending on the amount of water present in the reserve, guarantees a period of constant hydration at the roots of the plant.

The raw materials used for the production of these items is of high quality; break-proof, resistant to high and low temperatures and UV rays.

I.De.L. Srl
Via Giacomo Matteotti 1992