spoga+gafa 18.–20.06.2023 #spogagafa

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MEGALOS | Aussteller auf der spoga+gafa 2022


von I.De.L. Srl
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MEGALOS pot is part of the IDeLSign line and it was immediately loved not only by private customers but also by professionals who appreciated its functionality for growing large plants.We list some of its features: 

- Modern and essential design;

- Ideal size for large plants;

- Available in 3 sizes: Ø 98cm, Ø 110cm, Ø 122 cm;

- Made with the highest quality material (UV stabilized);

- Available in 3 colors: Anthracite, Chocolate, Aged Stone;

- Easy to transport thanks to the special bottom made to facilitate movement with pallet trucks and forklifts.

I.De.L. Srl
Via Giacomo Matteotti 1992